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Castle Crush Epic Strategy Cheats to Free Gems, Start Dueling and playing with players in the same battle from all over the world, in an awesome adventure where you are taking the control over every single action at the battle field, since this is a real time based game, start upgrading and watching your army grows bigger and bigger, learn new fighting techniques make the right combination among your cards in order to bring the ultimate deck to the light, start putting your own strategies to dominate the scenes knowing when to deploy archery or swordsmen that is an experience you will only get by the time you going to spend playing the game, this game has finally arrived on the Android and The IOS Platforms, and you can get it for free without any extra charges.


Enter Your First Battle!


starting the game and you will see a notification from the game settings asking you to allow or decline the motivations, since the game would like to keep you update with the ongoing progress while you are not even playing, they have added this feature because most of the game players are totally addicted to it so in order to help them to keep an eye on their progression the game will start giving you notifications, the first moments of the gameplay are kind of frustrating since you do not know what exactly are you doing here, and there is this small Viking guy calling you as his lord and telling you that there is a castle that belongs to the enemy we need to destroy, but that is fine since this is just a game tutorial to help you to understand how things works around here, but you can always forget about this tutorial and start using our Castle Crush Epic Strategy cheats in order to understand the most important Castle Crush Epic Strategy tips to go far in this game.


Learn The Art Of Organizing Your Own Deck!


At the start of the game you are given 3 cards, and on the right side of the screen you will find the enemies` castle  and its lord called Sir Marco, on the left side of the screen lays your castle, and your goal is to destroy the enemy`s castle, so start dragging the cards that are given to you and drop it on the ground to start deploying your troops, on one of the given three lanes, each card has its own unique ability but in order to understand how the cards and get to obtain the strongest ones of them make sure you are using our Castle Crush cheats, once your troops make their way to the other side of the screen and start attacking the enemies castle, you will win the battle and the winner here takes it all, the game also has this goal meter system working properly, since you are supposed to win 5 battles in order to unlock  a greater chest that contains many valuable items that will help your progression through the game, in other words you are going to receive very helpful rewards, we will be discussing the reward system and how it works in this game on the next segment.

Receive Awesome Rewards At The End Of Each Battle!


Rewards can vary on how hard the given mission is, but you can also make sure you are getting the latest upgrades of the cards by using the Castle Crush Epic Strategy cheats which we are providing for free on our website, but let’s go back to the first mission reward, you are given a wooden chest, which contains some gold coins and 2 cards that can be added to your deck to help you to improve your army, but in order to unlock this chest, you will have to wait for a certain amount of time until it gets unlocked, but you can skip the waiting period by using Castle Crush Epic Strategy hack, be noted that there is a maximum capacity to hold chests in your inventory, you can hold 4 chests at once so make sure you are not over playing and getting chests since they will replace the current ones or they will get discarded and that is the last thing you want to see, because you will lose a lot of valuable items once you discard the chest and you can no longer get it back.

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Tired of waiting to unlock the chests? Now you can simply use the game gems and start unlocking it immediately, if you are running out of these gems you can simply start using Castle Crush Epic Strategy hack to generate all the gems you want for free, get to know that the cards in this game has rarity level, it can be common or unique or rare, the higher the rarity gets the stronger and better the cards will be, but that is totally based on your luck and on the chest level, now once you have unlocked your first chest, you should be paying a visit to your card deck, but first make sure you are reading our Castle Crush cheats to understand which cards should have the highest priority in the deck in order to help you to dominate the upcoming battles.

Enjoy Applying Up TO 40 Different Upgrades To Your Own Deck!


Now start organizing your deck and upgrading it, we meant by the upgrading part that you start increasing the level and powers of the current troops type, once you click on the word upgrade, the attack will start to get higher, health points will follow up as well which will lead to a stronger and more durable soldiers on the battle field, and not only the troops can be upgraded you can also start adding higher magical damage to the bombs you have by upgrading them as well, but upgrading your deck would come in handy of course but it will cost you a fortune to reach the maximum upgrade level, so we have created the ultimate Castle Crush Epic Strategy hack to help you to generate all the coins you want to be able to have the strongest deck all over the world!